February 19, 2010


Haven't updated in a long time, and thought I should. So not much has changed.

Jordan had surgery to fix his herniated belly button. After that was done and over with he got a hematoma on his belly button. So know we are waiting to see if it will go away on it's own or if we are going to have to have that fixed too. We go to the Dr. on Tuesday to find out more. Keep your fingers crossed. That hasn't stopped him though! He is quite the little character, so much personality!!!

Makenna had dental surgery in December. It was a long day that day. They kept us at the hospital a very long time to make sure that it wouldn't affect her seizures. Thankfully it didn't! We went to her Neurologist 2 weeks ago, everything is great! We don't have to go back till next year, unless something goes on, and they will do another 24 hr. EEG on her to see where we are at! That is great news. She is still in speech in her preschool and have now added OT to her therapies. We are also adding PT to her therapy list now. I think that about covers it! She is progressing so that is great!

Zach is starting to get an attitude! He has always been my calm, low maintenance kid, but he is starting to have attitude! That's all I need! That will hopefully pass very quickly! He is very excited to start flag football this spring and tackle football in the fall! He asked me all about what he had to do to go on a mission yesterday, he can hardly wait till he is old enough to go! I love that he is excited about that and is doing things to prepare already!

Courtney is going to put me under!!!! She is boy crazy already and we have talks about it very often! She has learned this year that she needs to pick good friends so that she doesn't get into trouble. Unfortunately she had to learn that one the hard way! She got on the Honor Roll last semester, I'm very proud of her for that! I just need to remind myself ofter that she just needs more attention than the rest to live and that I need to be patient with her!

Alex is in Jr. High and is finally adjusting to the change. He has a rocky start but is now doing much better! He is now old enough that I can leave him home with the kids for a little while with out worrying what I will come back to. He loves scouts and is advancing quickly. This is a new experience for me since my brothers were never that into scouts after cub scouts, and John didn't do scouts either. He is a big help and is so good with the little kids! They just love to do things with him!

John and I are the same, nothing new to report there. It's just the same old, same old with us!

So now you are caught up!


Dave and Melissa Geddes said...

Wow! You have been a busy Momma! Having one child is stress enough for me, but I bet you'd take that stress level any day! It fun to see what you guys are up to. Are you still running like crazy? Miss you!

Shad and Laura said...

Great news about Makenna- however good luck with Courtney. When are you going to be in Utah again? we need to get together and play again-or we should just plan to do that half-marathon in Moab.